I.T.R.I.A. - Who We Are

Itria is a committee to promote accessible cross-cultural religious touristic itineraries. From a juridic point of view, it is a non-profit making association with its headquarters in Rome.

Father Valerio Pennasso (Religious Cultural Heritage and Religious Building Industry National Department Executive Director in CEI), Sharif Lorenzini (President of Italian Islamic Community), Rabbi Dr.Umberto Avraham Piperno (Rabbi South Italy) and Dino Angelaccio (Universal Accessibility, Multisensorial and inclusive Design Specialist) are the founders. They work with experts, institutions and service industry operators, to promote the fundamentals of the cross-religious, cross-cultural dialogue and universal accessibility.

Itria aim to promote and tell about all the contaminations amongst Christian, Islamic, Jewish cultures and religions, through the cultural, material and immaterial heritage traces, which can be found all over our country. Now, Itria is an ongoing project, aiming to create touristic and cultural routes in order to let live cross-religious experiences which are, at the same time, accessible. Itria wish all the people taking part into them to experience accessible enjoyment modes regarding the cultural, historical and environment heritage. They want to do this by telling about local folklore and traditions able to raise and satisfy requirements, interests and needs of both the native citizens and visitors.

From the cross-cultural point of view, Itria projects want to be seen and lived as workshops to build up a contemporary citizenship. For this reason, each one of them has been designed to be open to all people, regardless of their life conditions. Amongst Itria targets, as a matter of fact, building up routes turning themselves into test points for new hospitality patterns can be found.

Artistic, archaeological, landscape, environment, food heritage, faith places, historical and literature events and characters, local identity aspects, events to be restored, leisure time activities on the field, and so on… all this makes up the material Itria start from, in order to  create routes full with religious, cultural and environmental values, increasing the touristic potentialities of our areas going through pleasant and comfortable events attendance.

The first test itinerary of Itria will cross three regions: Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria.

In order to create and design cultural and touristic products in these regions and other territories, Itria will supply with an integrated system with indicators basing on three key elements: Accessibility, cross-cultural and cross-religious capacities. Moreover, Itria aim to draw the attraction through both emotions and religious and historical and cultural elements.